The youngest son of Alena Sviridova outgrown mom

Младший сын Алены Свиридовой перерос маму
The singer showed 13-year-old Gregory.

Alena Sviridova and son Gregory

Photo: @alenasviridova Instagram of Alena Sviridova

The last couple of years, Alena Sviridova not often shows the audience of his sons. And here the evening before in the microblog she has published a rare photo of her 13-year-old heir to Gregory together with Alena.

Fans Sviridova was pleasantly surprised at how much that boy. Despite the fact that the son of Alena still a teenager, he had already outgrown his mother. “How high”, “Growing by leaps and bounds handsome!”, “Wow, this is Grisha? When did he get so Mature?” — posted by subscribers to the singer.

The younger son Sviridova, born in 2004 from her civil marriage to male model Dmitry Miroshnichenko, lives with her mother in Moscow. Gregory appeared at the actress of 41 years. Alena relationship with the father of the child has not developed because of the twenty year difference in age. For several years Gregory is a student in the cadet school. Sviridov believes that her son needs to obtain a serious education.

Alena has another adult son Vasily from his first marriage Sergey Sviridov. Mother’s with him seems to be extremely rare: most of the year the guy lives in Canada, where they settled and his father. Basil received the profession of a programmer and works for a large company.