Evelina Bledans at risk of losing hearing

Эвелина Бледанс рискует потерять слух The artist was very cold. Evelina Bledans care about their health, so I immediately went to the doctor as soon as arrived in Moscow. Fans wished her to get well soon and delight the creativity.

Actress Evelina Bledans participates in various projects. She tours a lot, but because flights have become a part of her life. She recently flew to Irkutsk. However, this trip was for her test. As it turned out, the plane got ears.

When Evelyn turned to the flight attendants, they were able to come to her aid. Apparently, for a while it became easier. She shared useful advice with followers. “If someone is prone to such things, catch lifehack: the flight attendant gave me two cups, inside of which were the hot towels, so I put them to my ears,” admitted Bledans.

Upon returning to Moscow Evelyn first went to a specialist. She cares about your health and do not intend to tolerate complications due to their own negligence.

“How awful to be sick! Don’t understand how you even move to smile, take pictures, read the dictation to the event, fly for 6 hours in one or other way… to Be completely helpless and at the same time strong! Well, that took the decision today between the plane and the shooting to call the doctor, and could the hearing lose, and forced myself to sleep during the day and drink a lot of fluid, and now the antibiotic that I do for a living, not friends,” – wrote in the microblog Bledans.

The actress said that usually healed by the method of persuasion, but this time, this technique did not work. Now she’s going in for the procedure. Evelyn worries about the nearest flights to the Crimea. Fans sympathized with the actress who now has to urgently improve their health. They believe that her body will cope with the disease.

“Speedy recovery!”, “Get well! Diseases are given to us that we find time for myself and stopped a bit to think and not to overstrain at work”, “get well and take care! Health should not be neglected, complications dangerous,” he wrote in the microblog followers.