Justin Theroux dumped a young girlfriend even more young

Джастин Теру променял молодую подружку на еще более юную
The actor had a ball.

Джастин Теру променял молодую подружку на еще более юную

Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston


Justin Theroux and Aubrey Plaza


46-year-old Justin Theroux is not going
depressed divorce with Jennifer aniston. After
Justin and Jennifer, who lived in wedlock for two years, announced the completion of the
your marriage, Theroux does that change girlfriends. His latest hobby yet
unidentified reporters the girl with the small MOP of curls on his head. At a glance
she looks almost twice younger Theroux. But she looks at him with
undisguised admiration and laughs at all of his jokes. The other day a couple
seen on a walk near the house of the actor in Manhattan. Later, the two of them
went to the nearest cafe to drink
a couple of cocktails.

Just a couple of weeks ago
Justin appeared in public in society other girlfriends — pretty 33-year-old
actress Aubrey Plaza. Although they wandered together for quite a long time Manhattan,
public lovers never allowed himself any liberties. However, as
seen in the pictures, Justin and Aubrey openly flirting with each
other. Walking route led them to the house where located
apartments Theroux.

A little before Justin
everywhere was accompanied by another girl — 25-year-old
the artist Petra Collins. As argued by evil tongues, that is
extremely close “friendship” with Collins, which began when he was with
Aniston was the last straw
Jennifer and led her to the decision
to get a divorce.

Recall that aniston and
Theroux decided to divorce, it became known in February. The specific cause,
forced them to take such a decision, they are not officially announced. “This decision
was mutual. We took it at the end of last year. However, we have kept
mutual respect and remain friends.” — reads the text of their joint
statements. However, since then, aniston and Theroux never seen together. More
they constantly live in different cities (he’s in new York, she
Los Angeles) and do not support even
phone contacts.