Arabic scale: 5 reasons to visit Sharjah

Арабский размах: 5 причин посетить Шарджу A 15-minute drive from the well-known Dubai is the third largest Emirate – Sharjah. Despite the neighborhood, the price of food and housing is much lower, tourists can experience the contrast between modernity and identity, as well as to find entertainment for both adults and children.
Арабский размах: 5 причин посетить Шарджу


The third largest Emirate of Sharjah, with the homonymous capital city cherishes its heritage. Even when in the early 2000s, all cities UAE has turned into a huge construction site the most modern buildings, he managed to save the old parts. In Sharjah a large number of museums, art galleries, unique mosques and other historical buildings that can introduce tourists with Arab culture.

It was here first appeared on the territory of the Emirates airport, which was built in 1932. The runway is now part of the road. Scenic area “Heart of Sharjah” consists of traditional one – and two – story buildings, souvenir shops and small cafes. For those who want to learn more about the United Arab Emirates, every year in April the city authorities organize a festival of “Days of cultural heritage”.

Арабский размах: 5 причин посетить Шарджу


Traditional coffee with herbs the Arabs drink little pielok at any time. Dates can be found in many forms – they do jam, desserts, added in various dishes.

Central market – one of the main attractions of the city. As in any Eastern Bazaar, with vendors, you must bargain. On the market al Jubail in mid-afternoon fish auction takes place. The most desperate vendors spread fresh catch directly on the floor, so that buyers see the goods “in person”. During the transaction boiling hot disputes over prices, but few of the customers goes with anything.

Emirates – a country of foreigners serves cuisines from different countries of the world. A popular destination in Sharjah – al Majaz waterfront. There you can not only satisfy hunger, but also to watch the dancing fountain show that takes place every evening.

Арабский размах: 5 причин посетить Шарджу


The uniqueness of the Emirate lies in the fact that a couple of hours is easily reached from the West coast to the East – he has access to both the Persian and the Oman gulfs of the Indian ocean. For many, this is a great opportunity to visit the two seas for a vacation and to appreciate the beauty of Sharjah. However, do not forget that swimsuits appear on the seaside not only in private areas, which most often belong to the hotels. This is where you can fully relax and enjoy your holiday by the sea. One of the most popular beaches on the West coast – al Khan, East relating to the hotel Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa.

Арабский размах: 5 причин посетить Шарджу


In February, travelers can see a unique spectacle of light festival, Sharjah Light Festival. Every evening the theatres, mosques, administrative buildings of the University are transformed into a platform for performance. The city built the fourth tallest fountain, which rises from the Bay. Given that the settlement is not so large and all the attractions are close to each other, tourists travel on double-Decker tour buses and taxis.

Арабский размах: 5 причин посетить Шарджу


Those who want to fully feel the breath of the hot desert, go on a jeep Safari on the dunes. In the archaeological complex of Mlekh, an hour away from the city center of Sharjah, you have the opportunity not only to feel lost among the Sands, but to discover the history of the United Arab Emirates. Museum with ancient artifacts of the second Millennium BC takes you back in time. In the center of the city to hide from the sun on the island of al Noor, where the natural Park and the incredible beauty of the butterfly House.

Арабский размах: 5 причин посетить Шарджу