Eva Polna: “Daughters presented me a very special gift”

Ева Польна: «Дочери преподносят мне особые подарки» The actress said “StarHit” about family traditions in the New year. Eva Polna is responsible for the holiday decorations at home and preparing a signature dish. The singer finds out in advance what you dream about its successor and tries to fulfill their desires.

      Ева Польна: «Дочери преподносят мне особые подарки»

      Famous singer Eva Polna looking forward to the New year. The actress has two daughters – Evelyn and Amalia and tries to make girls enjoyed a holiday. On the eve of the celebration, the former soloist of group “visitors from the future” told “StarHit” about the traditions that have developed in her family and shared with all the readers the recipe of your signature dishes.

      What Christmas traditions have developed in your family?
      Ева Польна: «Дочери преподносят мне особые подарки»A week before the New year, we are always all together decorate the Christmas tree is an event. To please defenders of wildlife, I have to say: our tree is artificial, but it is very beautiful. Usually in the morning dad collects it and sets mom gets from the store decorations, and kids cut ribbon for new toys. I connect at the crucial moment, and we all together decide what kind of outfit will have our Christmas trees this year: multicolor, white-blue or red-gold. As you can see, everything is very serious. And we will write each other on homemade greeting cards new year wishes, which is then very nice to read.—
      Many adults are indifferent to the New year and you look forward to a holiday?
      Ева Польна: «Дочери преподносят мне особые подарки»Since I have had children, had no chance to treat this triumph adult. So every year we prepare costumes, learn verses, piano pieces, acrobatic and dance performances for the home concert. And that’s fine!—
      Your daughters believe in Santa Claus?
      Ева Польна: «Дочери преподносят мне особые подарки»Despite computers, superclean, tablets, and “talking” pen, my children are waiting for magic. They write letters to Santa Claus with wishes, and then look forward to the gifts. Well, I’m with them.

      As you know with gifts for the New year?
      Ева Польна: «Дочери преподносят мне особые подарки»I always try to find out in advance exactly what my loved ones want to get, who’s dream. For me the choice of gift is a ritual!—
      What gifts do you daughter? Do something with your hands?
      Ева Польна: «Дочери преподносят мне особые подарки»For me the best part is their crafts. Girls love to draw and the festival always draw something “serious” painting on canvas, needlework.—
      During the holidays you work or spend time with loved ones?
      Ева Польна: «Дочери преподносят мне особые подарки»The new year holidays I always spend with family. We usually travel to tropical countries: ocean and endless beaches will perfectly distract from the cold of the urban winter.

      What specialties are traditionally appear on your Christmas table?
      Ева Польна: «Дочери преподносят мне особые подарки»In the New year as the chef we have is my dad. Sometimes we ask him to make an easy variation on the salad (with and without potatoes), and sometimes – Olivier royally with crab and red caviar. In addition, we will bake a Turkey or goose with apples. As for myself, I usually take a snack. —
      Share with our readers your own recipe Christmas meal.
      Ева Польна: «Дочери преподносят мне особые подарки»One of the favorite dishes of my family is mincemeat, which translates from German as “snack”. For its preparation you will need: one large or two medium salted herring, four hard-boiled eggs, one large onion, one sour green Apple, 100 grams of butter. Herring fillets, cleaned eggs, a piece of Apple, onion and softened butter once mince to keep the pieces. If desired, whip the mass in a blender to create the effect of cream. Prepared mincemeat, put in glass dish and refrigerate for an hour. Garnish with fresh herbs and serve with toast or large croutons.