Как подготовиться к празднику за несколько часов We often do not have time for cooking for the Christmas table, the search of gifts for loved ones and cleaning the house. However, if the time to exhale, have a chance to do the impossible. “StarHit” leads some rules.

    Как подготовиться к празднику за несколько часов

    But even before the New year it is useful to stop and breathe, to remember the outgoing year, to dream over a Cup of coffee, pack pre-purchased gifts or go to Spa… like the collective unconscious from women’s gloss in December.

    You listen to the advice about “exhale”, “to dream” and “to go to the Spa”– and at the same time I want to rant, rave and cry. Because there is a Spa you and a Cup of coffee once! At work the entire month of Abraham. But everything is fixable. Now I will show you how to turn this back into a cute pumpkin carriage and not to feel pressured by a horse.


    From General cleaning length half-day you’ll be so tired no holiday would not be necessary. Start in the kitchen: wash the dishes and wipe the table. Change your linens, but don’t start a Laundry service – there’s nothing depressing than the rack next to the Christmas tree. Do it on Christmas vacation, and while you lay a fresh sheet – iron is not necessarily, sprinkle it with water or flavoring liquid for the interior, the rest is done by heating. Apply the cleaner to the bath, the sink and the toilet, leave for 10 minutes, then you will easily wipe them with a sponge. Walk with the vacuum cleaner in the kitchen, bedroom and living room. Wipe dust and mirrors. Open the vents and brew coffee fresh air expel the remnants of the dust, and the aroma adds the Christmas mood.


    Как подготовиться к празднику за несколько часов

    A huge Christmas tree as a beautiful Christmas movies, organize will not succeed? There is a solution: go to the Christmas Bazaar – December 31 spruce twigs there are usually handing out free of charge. And since the markets are often located at large shopping malls, don’t forget to go there too: buy a garland and a candle scented with the smell of fir, and the house will be filled with Christmas flavor!


    In December to enroll in the salon for a manicure and pedicure can be only through connections or using physical force. Both options are so-so, but to enter the new year with nails that still remember cleaning the herring to the cult of the salad option is even worse.

    Do this: download our mobile app Shelly – it’s new and not so popular, so that the free manicure, ready to come to you even at 9pm, is always there. In the application ManiQu you can call the master, not only for ourselves but for “that guy” – suddenly her husband also wants the care of hands.

    If you want to save – download YouDo: it is possible to choose not only the wizard and call it home, but also negotiate a comfortable price for you, and at the same time read the reviews of previous clients about a specific specialist. Not to spend a lot of time on new year’s styling, emphasize what you already have: straight hair, pull the flat iron, curly spray and spray for styling. Left apply on face tone, to put eyelashes and add red lipstick.


    Как подготовиться к празднику за несколько часов

    Guests who come to you, probably will not test your salads for intricacy. But the hunted look of the mistress, tortured meats, salad and apples with stuffing in the duck, just to celebrate. Do not chase the pickles: it is better to make two simple but great! – salad and hot. And lots of champagne.


    If you have not bought gifts in advance, don’t worry. And do not rush to the nearest supermarket (because there’s no time) for the “symbol of the year”, a crystal ball or a set of towels. Your friends have not once been in shops and know exactly what lies there on the way to the checkout. And so in no case do not stop loving you because of you this night does not bestowed, – you have the chance, have the whole year ahead!