Anita Tsoy left for the New year over the ocean

Анита Цой уехала на Новый год за океан
The singer waited for the rest after a difficult year.

Anita Tsoy

Photo: Instagram Anita Tsoy (@anitatsoy)

Anita Tsoy’m sure she’s one of those artists that rightfully
‘ve earned your rest. In the last days before the holiday she was just dreaming about
sun, sea and warm squeak under your feet.

“That’s the long-awaited moment — release. It was the dream of the last twelve
months! The year was saturated, mega-work, — says the singer. — Rest
welcome —I haven’t said anything yet. For 2017 prepared for you
a lot of interesting. But more on that later, but right now confident in the way for the full
relaxation and new adventures!”. As soon as Anita Tsoi came to the island,
immediately published in your integrate photo with the beach. “That moment on
which is a dream for a year. Those feelings pop up in a dream a beautiful dream.
Feet in the hot sand. The soft flow of the warm sun on his pale body Moscow.
Salty sea air into your lungs and then light head, says Choi. And
before the eyes the vast, gentle, sky-blue, merging with the sky on
the distant horizon, the sea or the ocean, whatever. Just OK. With all my heart good.”

A few days before the New year, Anita Tsoy village
protein diet to be new year’s eve in all its glory. “Four days before
New year. Sit on unloading. 5 protein, 5 grapefruits. Holidays holidays,
and unloading schedule, says the artist. — Do it, then to climb
in their concert costumes. Remember the strict orders of my costumer: “No FAT!”.