Юля Ковальчук перестала верить в Деда Мороза
The singer remembered when he revealed the deception of parents.

Юля Ковальчук перестала верить в Деда Мороза

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Like any child, Julia Kovalchuk believed in Santa Claus.
Every year on the first of January a little Julia ran to the tree and got your
a long-awaited gift. “In Santa Claus I believe up to a certain age, while
not saw how my parents put gifts under the Christmas tree. And me
it does not upset, and was made even more incredible love for my mom
and dad. I remember how difficult they were able to collect Christmas gift in the complex
perestroika. And the fact that I gave a gift to the parents was more important
what if I gave it to Santa”. More
the singer remembers a suit Malvina, which she sewed mom. “I had a few
key role in the kindergarten in the New year, snowflake and Malvina. All the costumes my mom sewed
itself. I remember very well suit Malvina: a blouse with a skirt of sky-blue color and a huge
bow on the head, — said Kovalchuk. And
I am a curly blonde with blue
eyes. I think I was very similar to Malvina”.

We will remind, this year
Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov first
on Christmas holidays I flew to Spain. “Alex was a tough year: we
worked a lot, saw little. So I decided to have a romantic vacation
the two of us, — says Julia. For the first time celebrate New year without snow, very unusual
a feeling.”

Alexey Chumakov and Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: Philip Goncharov