Eugene Feofilaktova in style equip a new apartment

Евгения Феофилактова с шиком обустраивает новую квартиру The star of “House-2” wants to make your house stylish and comfortable. Eugene Feofilaktova buys accessories for rooms only in stores premium. Fans of the former contestants of the reality show noted that she had good taste and admired beautiful interior.

The former participant of “House-2” Eugene Feofilaktova after her divorce from her husband and the father of son Anton Gusev started a new life. Eugene Feofilaktova filed for child support

A young woman is now engaged in the construction of an apartment, trying to make it as comfortable for myself and five year old Daniel. Apparently, Eugene Feofilaktova starts from the premise that a beautiful girl should be surrounded by beautiful things. But because the star of “House-2” does not skimp on expensive accessories for your home, choosing the most elegant and luxurious of them. How it create comfort, Eugene says in a microblog.

“I engaged in furnishing their homes. Want to show off the new blanket. What a beauty! Bedspread amazingly well blended into the interior,” – commented on pictures taken in the bedroom of Eugene Feofilaktova.

The room is designed in luxurious lavender-grey tones and looks very expensive. A little earlier Eugenia talked about chic fluffy rug that lay in the living room. All things to create comfort in the apartment of the former participant “Houses-2” books in the stores, selling exclusively luxury products of premium class.

Members of the young women appreciated her efforts. Many people really like the taste of Feofilaktova. “Super room, amazing repair”, “looks Very expensive”, “Eugene, you have good taste” – to make her compliments Eugenia followers.

Many of them congratulate Feofilaktovu with the purchase of a new apartment. However, she Evgeny nobody answered so exciting question about her housing acquired it takes. But for her, it made one aware of podeschi, stating that the apartment Evgenia Feofilaktova bought.

By the way, not so long ago, new settlers were still some of the former inhabitants “Houses-2”, married couple Julia and Tigran Salibekov. All the details of repair and work on creating a unique interior of the home, Julia told subscribers microblog for several months. Photo and video reports in the “instagrame” former participant “Houses-2” it is evident that Julia and Tigran Salibekov with great love and inspiration were busy setting up a new two-bedroom apartments.