Olga Buzova saved the fan from divorce

Ольга Бузова спасла поклонницу от развода Experience stars helped to preserve the relationship of the inhabitant of Samara. The girl turned to the presenter for assistance, and that, in turn, contacted her husband. The spouse himself the training participants of the celebrity thanked her for her intervention and attempt to establish communication within the family.

Recently Olga Buzova – not only the leading “House-2”, writer and designer, and singer and author of trainings on personal growth, which successfully travels around our vast country. A celebrity for a few months to share with fans the secret of his success. How are the trainings Buzova told her pr Director Anton Bogoslavskaya.

“Recently, we with Olga was in Samara, – says Anton. – During the training, Olga usually down the hall to the people and communicates with them in the format of question-answer. It was also at this time. And now, she needed to begin to communicate with fans, as one girl raised her hand and asked the question! She asked the Council Olga how to do it with her husband, who forbade her to work. It turned out that the girl has a complicated history. In her 20 years, she is the wife of a wealthy young man who, to make favorite nice, gave her a ticket to the seminar of Olga. We also found out that the girl wants to do his own thing, not sitting at home. But the husband against the wife working.

The girl cried and told OLE, as fears that the reluctance of her husband to give her the freedom to do what I like bring the family before the divorce. Olga hugged her and tried to calm down, and then suggested: “let’s write for your husband video, then it will convince him?”

The girl gladly agreed and she said on her phone a little speech about what she knows from experience how important it is that husbands and wives understand each other. “Me too the husband was forbidden to work and look what came of it. If you don’t want your family the same thing happened, I suggest you to meet my wife,” said Olga. The girl thanked her and promised to show the video to my husband.”

After parting with the girl, Olga kept thinking about her situation, and three hours later, has reminded the husband himself her student. Under the post Olga, is lined with the training, he wrote a review that made Buzova smile. “At the time we had dinner with Olga in the restaurant, she was going through his “Instagram” – says Anton. And among the thousands of comments noticed this: “Olya, thank you very much! I watched your video and understood everything! I let my wife work!” Olya was very happy, she was glad that she was able to help the fan”.

The next workshop Olga will be held may 12 in Yekaterinburg.