Eugene Feofilaktova again became a bride

Евгения Феофилактова вновь стала невестой The former participant of the project “House 2” posted the video, which appeared in an elegant wedding. Despite the speculation of fans about the possibility of imminent triumph, she said that she didn’t want to get married.

While Anton Gusev full swing preparing for the wedding with Victoria romanet, his ex-wife has been a career. Feofilaktova recently said that he was going to go into politics. In addition, the young woman has worked as a presenter and actively engaged in their own “Instagram”. Recently Eugene has pleased fans of unexpected video. In the picture she appeared in a white attire of the bride.

“I love to show off in wedding dresses, but don’t want to get married”, signed his post by the young woman.

Feofilaktova tried white outfit with lace sleeves and a huge train. Complements the image of the tiara studded with precious stones. Fans of the star have been quick to point out that their idol looks flawless. However, fans believe that Eugene doesn’t want to marry because of the lack of a suitable candidate for the role of a spouse. “There is no desire, there is no love”, “worthy Just yet, as will appear, even as they want”, commented subscribers post.

Winter Feofilaktova admitted that never had really strong feelings for his companions. This statement surprised many fans of the beauty, because she was married to Anton Gusev few years and even bore him a son.

“I don’t think I’ve loved any man. I really wanted to experience in my life the feeling that as much as you cry about being away from loved ones, but so far it seems to me that the only person I could so love, this is my son, but it’s a kid, such things can not be compared,” says the graduate of the project “House-2”.

We will remind, with her ex-husband Eugene met just on telestroke. After news of the pregnancy, the couple legalized relationship and soon left the project. At the end of 2016 Feofilaktova filed for divorce, and Gusev has ceased to hide his affair with Victoria romanet.

Now the fatal brunette is preparing for her wedding with Anton, actively sharing the details with his fans. So, Victoria has shown holiday invitations and admitted that he has already chosen a dress. Relationship ex-husband Feofilaktova no comment. Fans of the former participant “Houses-2” and is sure that her life has a new man, because Eugene constantly shares photos of gorgeous bouquets and expensive gifts.