Alain Vodonaeva and Alex Malinowski was detained in Minsk airport

Алёна Водонаева и Алекс Малиновский были задержаны в аэропорту Минска

Famous Russian model and star of the reality show “Dom-2” Alain Vodonaeva and performer Alex Malinowski was detained in Minsk airport. It is reported that across the Belarusian border, the Russian celebrity tried to smuggle a huge amount of money.

About the incident became known on the night of June 3 from the Farmacia.
“7 hours in the airport of Minsk. When it ended is not clear. Later will tell all. But honestly, with the first encounter” — posted by Alain on his page in the social network Instagram. About eleven hours it took to resolve the situation.
The details of the arrest Vodonaevoy and Malinowski remain unknown, but there is information that the reason for thirty thousand dollars, which the celebrity did not hide. According to Alena, the Belarusian customs officers behaved extremely unprofessional and even mocked, refusing to call the Consul.
“Employees of customs behaved extremely unprofessional, a circus with derision and refused to invite a Consul,” — said Vodonaeva.
Malinowski explained during interrogation that they Alena crossed the line, because the customs officer, asked to show a passport.
“We were not going to hide the amount imported” — said the singer.
According to the rules, through the “green corridor” can carry only ten thousand dollars, and if imported sum exceeds this limit, it is necessary to pass through the “red corridor” and declare the money.