Maria Kozhevnikov waiting for the third child

 Мария Кожевникова ждет третьего ребенка The family of the actress will soon be replenished. At the moment, Maria Kozhevnikova in her sixth month of pregnancy. Celebrity does not advertise an interesting position and almost never published. The artist focused on preparation for childbirth and raising two sons.
 Мария Кожевникова ждет третьего ребенка

In the fall of 32-year-old star of TV series “Univer” and drama “Battalion” will give to your spouse, businessman Yevgeny Vasilyev, child. Maria Kozhevnikova is now in her sixth month of pregnancy and conceals an interesting position from outsiders. The actress meet at social events, she prefers preparing for future motherhood and raising sons. Only sometimes the actress gets out of the house to pamper yourself: manicures at the beauty salon, or stroll to the shops.

“Pregnancy is easy, Masha, – has shared with “StarHit” surrounded by the star of the family. – No morning sickness, no weakness. For food he tries to keep to not too much better. She and her husband want a big family, planning more children, so the news that soon will become parents, they are incredibly happy. Jack was always a caring husband, and now just surrounded her – of the household chores took over. Masha pleased with the colors, it’s sweet. She and her husband are very different in character, but between them there is such harmony, which is rare to find”.
 Мария Кожевникова ждет третьего ребенка

Now the couple are raising two sons – 3-year-old Ivan and 2-year-old Maxim. Both boys already went in his father’s footsteps of Mary – the famous hockey player, two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kozhevnikov. Often the couple themselves take their classes in school sports, and the grandfather of the kids personally giving them lessons.

“Masha and Zhenya’re trying to develop sons – continues the familiar pair. – They have and draw, and read, and sculpt. The boys are very obedient, inquisitive, attentive. And both look forward to when the parents will give them another baby”.

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