Энрике Иглесиас умилил поклонников трогательными кадрами с дочерью The singer delighted fans with a video, which you can see lovely baby. Enrique Iglesias can’t get enough replenishment in the family and tries to spend with the children every spare minute. The fans of the artist appreciate his videos.

Singer Enrique Iglesias has delighted fans with a touching video that captures one of his kids. The actor adores his heirs and prefers to spend with them all my free time. In the video, which appeared on Instagram of the contractor, it appears to be a caring father. Enrique kisses a few times adorable baby. “Can’t enjoy your sunshine,” said Iglesias.

Fans of the stars came to the delight of its publication. Video Enrique scored more than 2.3 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes. Social media users wished the heir to the stars to grow up healthy and happy. Many have found that Iglesias showed his daughter Lucy. Fans of the singer came to this conclusion after analyzing a child’s bib decorated with a pattern in pink flower. According to them, the girl is a copy of a famous father. “Princess,” “So cute”, “Beauty”, “Wow”, “She looks happy”, “Amazing”, commented Enrique subscribers.

Enrique Iglesias became father in December 2017. The artist and his darling Anna Kournikova were born two children a son Nicholas and a daughter Lucy. According to journalists, a happy event in the singer’s life occurred in one of medical institutions of Miami. At first celebrities, known for their secrecy, did not comment on the data, received wide publicity. Only in January this year, Anna and Enrique have confirmed the happy news, published in social networks photos of the heirs. Snapshots of the kids brought in hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram.

Information about the new addition to the family of a celebrity was a pleasant surprise for their fans. They could not think that those preparing for the advent of the heirs. In one interview, the mother of Enrique Iglesias said that throughout the waiting period kids Anna Kournikova did not complain about health problems. “She did not have much to relax or to visit doctors. It was a completely normal pregnancy. Anna didn’t hide anything. She just leads a quiet home life, so no one knew about her interesting position,” said Isabel Preysler reporters.

According to relatives of Enrique, he’s incredibly happy to be a father. “Think Anna will turn out to be a good mother. Now she spends all her free time with the kids”, – said mother of the singer. Relatives of the artist believe that babies “grow up with some incredible speed.”

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias Dating 2001. The stars met during the filming of the video singer of the song Escape.