Сопернице Пелагеи советуют подать в суд на певицу Many social media users believe that an artist must answer for the insult. Last week, the Pelagia called Karina Lebedev girl “easy virtue.”
Сопернице Пелагеи советуют подать в суд на певицу

Last week, the Network was actively discussed the alleged infidelity of hockey player Ivan Telegin. After photos of him hugging Karina Lebedeva, the brunette began to blame the fact that she stole her husband from Pelageya. The singer spoke very sharply against a girl. The artist chose not to pay attention to rumors. According to her, Karina is a “woman of easy virtue”. She Lebedev chose to ignore the attack Pelageya.

“Now mass trend of insults. Just, wherever you look, on any page so much negativity in the address of people with each other in the comments. Dear people, you with that mouth then their children to kiss, from which he rained insults. Be kind as possible. And understand situations before “to assess,” said Karina.

Some of the followers have advised her otherwise to deal with the rudeness. “Pay no attention to all this barrage of negativity”, “She insulted you calling a “girl of easy virtue.” And can attract,” wrote in the comments. While she Lebedev did not plan to apply to law enforcement agencies. She admitted that her heart is busy and she is happy in the relationship. Ivan and Karina have known for many years.

“In their family all is well! In my personal life as well! We shared a large company of friends and family congratulated Ivan on his victory. A photo taken out of context of a shared video by some people who absolutely don’t know us, in order to gossip. The time it the world, people love to talk someone else’s life. This is the usual provocation. Pelagia knows me well and she also knows that we are familiar with Ivan since childhood. Our families are friends,” said Lebedev.

Pelagia acted as if nothing had happened. She accompanied her spouse on reception at President Vladimir Putin where the head of state awarded to the winners of the Olympic games. Hockey team, along with Ivan by Telegina won the gold. Star hugged her husband and smiled a lot.

We will remind, last year the Pelagia and Ivan’s daughter Taisiya. That is why all the free time a couple devotes to education of girls. The artist is not once hinted that the girl is very serious.