Маше Цигаль удалили опухоль The designer comes in. According to Mary, she lost a lot of blood. Doctors praised the young woman’s patience. Soon Tsigal plans to be discharged from the medical institution.

Popular designer Masha Tsigal underwent a major surgery. Some time ago doctors discovered she had a tumor. The tumor was benign, but doctors recommended to remove it. Despite the upcoming surgery, Mary led an active life and worked hard.

“Before surgery I was a few days spinning like a squirrel in a wheel – spoke Tsigal. Last Friday I went to the opening of a tattoo parlor in the town of Korolev, where he was invited guest. From there I went to Tula, where he played a DJ set in a night club. Then with the suitcases went to the set, where two days of working in a live commercial television program. Immediately after the shooting rushed to the hospital for surgery. Fortunately, all has passed successfully”.

Mary tried not to dwell on the fact that he was going to go to a medical facility. She told fans on social networks about serious health problems. The surgery was intense.

“I lost a lot of blood. The doctors praised me and say I kept my cool. Here is a very cool professionals. Literally, from day to day I’m discharged and back to an active lifestyle” – said Masha.

The last time fans were worried about the appearance Tsigal. They noted: Masha lost a lot of weight and was suspected in young women with anorexia. She denied that she has an eating disorder. “This has nothing to do with me. I am short, my height is only 165 cm. The last four years, I eat right and do yoga, pole dance every morning do exercises. Sport is an integral part of my life. Anyone who knows me personally, you see, I eat a lot, but a lot of activity is doing its job,” said celebrity Dom2Life.

Mary brings the 12-year-old son Arseny. Recently, mom gave son a memorable birthday. “Senya is a fan of Batman, so the entire holiday was designed accordingly: a huge installation with Batman, balls, cupcake, candy – all the themes, and, of course, a gorgeous three-tiered cake with your favorite filling birthday: the cake and berries”, – shared her impressions Tsigal.