Emin Agalarov about his marriage: “it was Necessary to choose another wife…”

Эмин Агаларов о своем браке: «Надо было выбрать другую жену...»
The singer told about what would change in your life.

Emin Agalarov and Leyla Aliyeva

Emin Agalarov to his 37 years has reached very much: he has his own business, he was held as an artist and he brings up two beautiful sons. It would seem that his life was not of missed opportunities, which he now regrets. But this is not true. In Emin’s life has been one big failure, which he wanted to fix. The singer implies his divorce with Leyla Aliyeva that happened in 2015.

Recently in a television interview he admitted that he believes his marriage with Leila — the biggest “failure”. “If you could rewind time, no matter what mistakes I made? Probably, there are none. The biggest failure is not the surviving marriage. My wife and I divorced. The children are all well, we are friends, we communicate, but the family crumbled. We can say that if you could rewind, you need to choose another wife, and her to find another husband. But in this case it would not be my children, so I also have no regrets. I believe that if I did the same thing, then I would go the same way”, — said Emin.

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Agalarov tries to be the perfect dad. To spend with his sons, Ali and Mikail most of the time, he takes them everywhere with her: to business meetings and on tour, and shooting. Emin is trying to educate boys in severity, but so far he has failed to instill in them the correct attitude to their financial status. “I instill in them respect for service personnel. They grow up in a privileged environment: there are nannies, security… And somewhere I can hear: “Bring! Give!” I try to stop it and explain the right thing. It will take time, but I think that they will learn,” — said Emin in an interview with TV show “My hero.”