Maria Shukshina for the first time commented on the scandal involving his son

Мария Шукшина впервые прокомментировала скандал с участием сына The actress in shock from it all. Maria Shukshina told about emotions, communicating with subscribers in Instagram. According to star, checking the police about the case her heir is not yet completed, and therefore the whole story can only be conjecture.
Мария Шукшина впервые прокомментировала скандал с участием сына

The family of Maria Shukshina recently appeared in the scandal center. The bride of the heir to the actress accused him of possession of a controlled substance and assault. The girl claims that is the fourth month of pregnancy.

Son of the star Makar Kasatkin refused to comment on the situation, and indeed Maria Shukshina chose to ignore the scandal. However, communicating with fans in social networks, she still couldn’t resist giving my opinion.

“I’m in shock from what was happening. But now there is a check in the police. Once the results are known I will call. Prior to the announcement of the results, it is all speculation (to put it mildly),” – said the actress.

Maria thanked the numerous fans for their support. Many of them came to the conclusion that the scandal surrounding the Makara Kasatkina is only a provocation on the part of his bride. “So much speculation around your family. It’s a shame and stupid,” “I realized that this person cannot be trusted,” “Hold on, Mary! Be with my son no matter what,” wrote the fans of the stars.

We will remind, last week there were reports that the apartment Makar Kasatkina was searched. Beloved young man Freya silber accused him of possessing and selling banned substances. Later this information was confirmed by the neighbor star heir.

About what happened Freya told in the program “Malakhov Adnrey. Live”. As it turned out, the girl was not familiar with the star’s relatives Makar.

Beloved son of Maria Shukshina grappled in the TV show

“I did not cause any emotions. I never met his mom because I didn’t have any interest. Now I’m living with my girlfriend… the First time we had the perfect relationship. It was against my work I am constantly sat at home, my social circle has shrunk dramatically,” said silber.

In the program, commented on the situation and Bari Alibasov. He confirmed that the mother of Makar did not know about his problems, and now she’s in shock from the events.

Earlier, Maria Shukshina often shared photos with her son. However, now the actress is posting photos connected with her work. Many fans expect that the star does not communicate with Makar because of the scandal.