Emily Ratajkowski has revealed the secret of the perfect selfie in a bikini

Эмили Ратаковски раскрыла секрет идеального фото в бикини

Emily Ratajkowski is known for its passion for naked photo shoots. Her selfie in a bikini turn out stunning! Many would like to know what the secret model. It is not so difficult as it seems. This tells Emily herself.

“Just have fun and be happy with yourself. If you have a bad mood, the photos you don’t like, even if they are like all the rest! And I love the sun, it is always look so much cooler,” said Rutkowski in a conversation with journalists at the presentation of Levi’s at Coachella.

Later, the network got pictures on which a star tries to make a perfect selfie on a balcony in Los Angeles. It turns out that cool picture of the model even need assistants. The assistant blew the model to obtain the natural effect of the wind. The model showed his pink hair and bare chest! An impromptu photoshoot took place during the filming of the campaign for the magazine Love magazine.

Recall that only three months have passed since the beginning of the relationship Emily Ratajkowski and her lover Sebastian bir-Mcclard and those immediately went away. This sudden decision to get married came as a shock to fans of the model. After Emily put on display the first photo with her husband, the public began betting on the duration of the marriage. “They took us three weeks,” — says the model. Your choice Emily considers to be serious and argues that such reaction of the public caused by the fact that married she doesn’t like doing it all. “No one takes seriously women and their choices, especially if these women are for them a specific and marry not, as is customary, unconventional way.”

Despite the fact that some consider frivolous model, in particular due to the candid photos, Emily remains of a different opinion and clearly knows how to relate to his career. “I have always treated it very seriously. I have something to prove, and not just acting ability or appearance. It was about being taken seriously. I never treated it lightly”.

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