Яна Рудковская о заработке сына

Son of Yana Rudkovskaya only 6 years old, but he can pay for expensive shopping in the trendy boutiques! The star herself said that Dwarf Gnomic gets good fees. This “permissiveness” has angered Alain Vodonaevu!

Яна Рудковская о заработке сына

“He’s already earned about 10 million rubles. He asked me to go to the store Louis Vuitton. There on their fees, he bought my favourite, the suitcase and was very proud of it,” — said Ian on the earnings of the son.

The former star of the reality show Alena Vodonaeva took the words Yana speculation as a child and spoke: “I wouldn’t be myself if I should discover that my mother speculated me in an unconscious age. That’s great that the conditional Dwarf Gnomic in 6 years and earns 10 million on advertising, but if he would do his parents handle 10-12 years, thinking that with that money you can live without them? And what arguments will cause the mother when the child will require something more than a brand of sneakers and expensive toys? It is necessary to consider if you have decided to “raise dough” for your child.”

Silent Rudkovskaya and could not have made the comments in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. The star reported that it is not speculating and not earn a child together with her husband Evgeny Plushenko. The child knows the value of money! “Unexpected comment. I’m happy to know that the children of my friends earn from their work and help parents to invest in the sport that they do, in school, from childhood to know what is work. My son is playing in the world of the show and really earns a lot, not only on rentals but on the advertising contracts. He knows the value of work and money. Now received the prize for 1 place in the competition and gave all the money to the coaching staff. I think Alain would be glad if the child was of such interest. I didn’t even know, sorry that Alena has children, she seems to be recently married or even divorced. Very nice and cute girl, just blurted out, probably, did not think what to say — sometimes,” admitted Rudkovskaya.

“Can you imagine what would happen to her if she saw a Declaration of mine or her husband’s income. We are all well, Allen, we children do not earn, we your is enough, and the fact that Sasha he pays himself a nanny, driver, coaches, guard — I don’t see anything wrong with that. Everyone has their own methods of education, his own life, but I can not imagine that Sasha, my son, 12 years old say, “goodbye”! Children who focused on sports, and in the case of Sasha, where his idol and authority in sport is the Pope, will never allow himself such. It is possible. Sasha is not a glamorous life,” concluded Ian.

We will remind, the beginning of a relationship of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko was launched in January 2007 in London. The famous skater came to a beautiful girl under the pretext of meeting with other present athletes. Soon, the girl admitted that it was “love at first sight”. She was unable to resist the charms of a man and two years later they legalized their relationship. Four years later was born their son — Alexander.

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