Demi Lovato responds to haters for completeness

Деми Ловато отвечает хейтерам за полноту

Now all forces and attention demi Lovato focused on her health: star survived a drug overdose, eating disorder and has had serious treatment in rehabe. Now she has significantly gained weight, which could not fail to notice the “helpful” regulars social networks. Demi was flooded with negative comments, to which she replied.

Деми Ловато отвечает хейтерам за полноту

“I am more than my weight. And I’m not worried, and not upset about the fact that someone wrote something about my figure as it would before. I’m angry that people think it’s normal to write such things about the form of the human body. Especially the woman who speaks openly about recovery from eating disorders. I’m upset not for myself but for those who are easily influenced by diet culture,” wrote the star on instagram.

In storis instagram star put up an article Fabio Magnocavallo, who also sent a message. Later in the stories demi appeared an apology from the writer: “You are insanely talented and absolutely right. Your body is only a part of you. I learned my lesson”. To which the star replied with gratitude.

Now demi Lovato is getting better life, which was recently undermined by overdose and treatment in the hospital. The singer decided to start life with a clean slate, cleared the friends list and develops a relationship with a boyfriend.

Photographers repeatedly caught the singer and designer Henry levy on a date. they met a couple of years in rehab and now together trying to deal with addictions. The couple went to dinner at Nobu restaurant in California, and then kissed on the streets.

Recall the end of July will be remembered by demi Lovato for life, because then she snapped and ended up in the hospital from an overdose. The public was shocked, but nothing happened. Two weeks after the incident, Lovato found the strength to comment on the situation. She stayed in the hospital for rehabilitation, and while the singer focuses on his recovery, mother demi is Dianna de La Garza — gives an exclusive interview to Newsmax TV.

“I still find it hard to speak on this topic. I was shaking from the memories of that day. At one point I began getting messages on the phone — one after the other, I thought, “What’s happening?”. One of these people wrote: “I just read an article on TMZ, I’m so sorry. Please tell me that’s not true”. And then something inside me broke. I don’t have time to go to the website and find out what’s the deal, I got a call from the assistant demi Kelsey. She said something incoherent, and I said, “Kelsey, just tell me what happened.” Then she said the words that hear a parent is incredibly difficult: “demi overdose”. I was in shock! I didn’t know what to say. Never thought I ever hear those words about your child.”

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