Ellen DeGeneres refused to see in the show Kathleen Jenner

Эллен ДэДженерес отказалась видеть у себя в шоу Кэйтлин Дженнер

Statements about gay marriage one of the most famous women transgender Kathleen Jenner up in arms against it is not only LGBT community but also an open lesbian and a leading popular American talk show Ellen DeGeneres.

Even in 2015, a former athlete-Olympian Bruce Jenner appeared in the program of Ellen and said that despite the fact that he/she is a transsexual, same-sex marriage does not.

“Oh, no, I do not support gay marriage, I’m a conservative,” said Kate, and have since fallen out of favor of the LGBT community. Jenner tried to justify and stand guilty of the alleged perekrestimsya her words DeGeneres, but the broadcast was live, and Caitlin was accused in lie.

Black cat among celebrities now runs permanent – Kate mentioned Helen in his new book, putting her in the best light, what DeGeneres promised never to invite her to his show.

“Ellen does not wish to see Caitlin. She couldn’t believe that Jenner so I’ll write about it in his book,” said an insider close to DeGeneres. Caitlyn sources also say that Jenner is no longer going to meet with Ellen or in the air her program, or beyond. Kate suspects that the TV presenter was friends with her ex-wife Kris Jenner specifically and demonising it in the eyes of the public.