Jessica Biel is afraid that the son follow in the footsteps of her husband Justin Timberlake

Джессика Бил боится, что сын пойдет по стопам мужа Джастина Тимберлейка

Justin Timberlake is one of the most successful figures in the entertainment industry. In addition, Justin is fond of music, he still manages to act in films and that is to say, it is very good.

Timberlake is the owner of four awards “Emmy” and nine “Grammy” awards, he repeatedly fell into the list of most desirable and attractive celebrities, but his wife Jessica Biel such achievements are not impressive.

As a newly admitted 35-year-old actress, is no one wants such a fate, especially their son Silas: “I wish our child had inherited from Justin his charm or sense of humor. In General, there are many things that I’d like to see Silas passed on from Justin. But there is something that I have my son do not want to. I really don’t want him to become a musician, admitted Jessica. — I see that Justin has to go. He’s already on top. He has the opportunity to work with any producer, any of his songs will be on the radio. It’s all because he makes great music, because he goes on tour — from the outside it all looks very easy and relaxed. But for this it worked a lot of years! I have already formed the image of forever “struggling” musician, if Silas choose this path… I just want to become a doctor, engineer or something in this spirit.”

Well, concerns about Jessica’s son is understandable.

Recall the relationship Biel and Timberlake began in 2007. In 2011, they broke up, but a few months later reconciled and 19 October 2012, got married in Italy. In April 2015, the couple had a son Silas Randall Timberlake.

By the way, in April of this year, the press began to appear reports of pregnancy was Beaten. Insiders were sure that the actress is in position, and soon the couple are having a girl.

A close friend Gets admitted to reporters that Jessica and Justin really want a girl, and this two-year old Silas, by contrast, wants a brother, so it was not boring.