Элина Камирен открыла интимные подробности своей жизни “StarHit” publishes fragments of text from the book eks-participants “Houses-2”. Kamiren continues to work, currently written only three chapters. The young mother plans to tell all her troubles for months – the main intrigue of the reality show, the separation from loved ones and attempts to defend itself from detractors.

      Элина Камирен открыла интимные подробности своей жизни

      For a long time Elina Kamiren is not a participant of the TV project “Dom-2”. However, it is still interesting to the public – fans day in and day ask lots of questions and trying to understand what is really going on in her life. Elina’s mysterious breakup with the father of his daughter with Alexander by Zagajnovym, management of several business projects and attempts to provide a safe childhood beloved child – all of these aspects of interest for those who follow Kamiren after her departure from the popular reality show.

      One of the brightest girls “House-2” decided to write an autobiography “Diary Kamiren”. In the book Elina reveal intimate details of his life, including the mysteries of “House-2”. The work is two months already finished three chapters. “StarHit” publishes fragments of text.

      Элина Камирен открыла интимные подробности своей жизни “In 2011 I in social networks began to write the guy named Tom. A month later he announced that he had died, the aunt asked for money. I sent a little… And six months later go out – my car is plastered with pieces of paper, they’re strewn around the yard. On the leaves is written: “Elina Kamiren engaged in prostitution under a pimp Nikita. And below is my address and photo. I ran, and collected the papers… Then looked at the established in the courtyard of the cameras – it was the handiwork of Artema.


      “A lot of what happens at the site of “House-2” does not appear in the air. Once there was a competition it was necessary to give a gift – fried chicken – the most beautiful man on the project. I gave the bird to Anton Gusev, his wife Eugenia Feofilaktova responded calmly. But after staged beloved scandal, they argued. One Jack on the Playground when the other members began to call me, I heard. She shouted that even Anton could not resist, shouted at her: “shut up!” And she didn’t calm down, despite the fact that her son Daniel was asleep in 15 metres. I walked up and smacked her in the face. But on TV it showed during the fight was so Mat, what to put what is happening in the broadcast was impossible.” Eugene Feofilaktova: “I do not forbid her husband to go to bath with friends!”


      “My ex-boyfriend Sasha (Alexander Zadoinov. – Approx. “StarHit”) since February, not together. But relationship – because of my daughter. I grew up without a father, and I’m scared that the baby will repeat my destiny. So tolerate the particular character Sasha… Recently asked him to get things. I was selected swearing as I got it. I began to understand his ex-wife Sveta, who is raising a daughter, Anastasia. I used to think that she writes Sasha with some innuendo, flirting… Now realize that all of the Light requested from Sasha – money, attention, – she asked for a child. I am ashamed of the dirt that I poured in the Light…” Zadoinov doubted his fatherhood and insists on a DNA test

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