Анастасия Волочкова довольна новым спутником жизни The ballerina told him about a secret elect. Some time ago unknown began to present luxurious gifts celebs. Anastasia Volochkova said that really in love.

      Some time ago, Anastasia Volochkova was published in the microblog chic presents from an unknown person. Fans were intrigued – who is trying to win the heart of the famous ballerina? However Volochkova does not seek to name the beloved. She says only that happy in the relationship with the chosen one.

      “I can honestly say: today I’m in love and really happy! The man who appeared in my life, surrounded me with love, attention and care, which I so long dreamed. Yes, as long as your companion, I don’t advertise. Recently started to follow the adage: “Happiness is to be quiet!”. It loves the silence!” – said the ballerina.

      Fans are closely watching the life Volochkova. However, some publications in the microblog Anastasia they consider too explicit. Not so long ago a celebrity vacationing in Greece, where the private beach allowed myself to splash around in the sea Topless. A mysterious satellite has recorded a video in which the dancer without hesitation swam without top of the leotard and Thong Semenych on the body. Apparently, the choice Volochkova fully endorses emancipation.

      Anastasia Volochkova starred in an erotic video

      And just last week, Anastasia became the owner of a luxury car luxury – white Maybach. The ballerina was in seventh heaven when he saw such an unexpected surprise. But detractors said that, it might not be a generous gift to a lover of men, and the purchase itself Volochkova.

      “I find it funny to hear about it! No credit, of course, I didn’t take. Such a luxurious gift, which I could not dream of, made love, which appeared in my life. Evil ladies who write negative comments, I believe that I have the eyes of a lonely woman. For several months we read and laugh the whole team”, – said the ballerina edition Prozvezd.

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