Лена Ленина разделась в общественном месте Well-known socialite visited a nudist beach located on the coast of France. Lena Lenina are unable to resist the temptation to completely strip their clothes and swim in this form in the Mediterranean sea.

      Well-known socialite Lena Lenina attended a two-kilometer long beach located in the South of France surrounded by olive groves, shady pine trees and oleanders. Beach Cap d’agde is considered the most famous in Europe. He attracts fans to sunbathe and swim without clothes from around the world and offers to feel the first man on the ground, not encumbered with property, business and cell phones. It is this sense of freedom attracts thrill-seekers and emancipation.

      According to psychologists, temporary relief from the clothes helps a person deal with their complexes. Lena Lenina are unable to resist the temptation to take off all my clothes and take a dip, only slightly hiding behind shawls. According to the writer, this procedure helped her to be cured of snobbery. And present number of men assessed the beauty of her body. In addition, the opportunity to bask under the sun without clothes allows you to leave France with a perfectly even tan that does not violate the white thin strips of straps from the top of the swimsuit.

      By the way, recently bare chest Lena saw and Internet users. Ex-boyfriend of socialite posted on his blog intimate photos of the star and wrote about her the whole truth. The man accused the writer that she often looks too sexy than arouses the jealousy among her constant companions. Besides, spectacular blonde is constantly surrounded by successful men. “These friends, wealthy businessmen around her so much that no sane man would not stand and shoot from jealousy. And she still provokes sexy cleavage and short skirts. And even a photo for the press chooses to only half-open lips and alluring eyes for greater sexuality,” said the former lover. Ex-lover Lena posted her intimate photos

      At the moment Lena Lenina more passionate about repair, which it does in a house located in the village of Cambridge in the New Riga. The woman notes that at the moment she has to do everything without the help of males. In one of the posts in her Instagram she teaches women that the repair without someone’s help is not so difficult as it seems. “According to statistics, 25% of ladies regularly do themselves to repair their house. Thus it includes not only cosmetic changes – replacing the Wallpaper or painting walls and ceilings, but also more serious, like hitting plaster or tiling. After all, construction crews are often working women, so then, most importantly, desire. To do a repair in your home of your own, the lady doesn’t need help men, because sometimes you don’t even need to spend money on delivery of construction materials – in many DIY stores delivery of materials to the houses is free, and you can buy everything you need in one store, without leaving home” – gives advice of Lenin.

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