Elina Kamiren got a job on TV

Элина Камирен получила работу на телевидении The star of “House-2” took the presenter on a music channel. Russian Musicbox Elina invited Kamiren to decorate the air. A woman will conduct the daily show, talking with guests and with the audience.

      Элина Камирен получила работу на телевидении

      Perhaps in the near future the whole country starts talking about Elina Kamiren. The star of “House-2” is ready to open a new page in his career. The girl was invited to work as a presenter on music channel Russian Musicbox.

      On TV Kamiren hit by accident. The producers of the channel asked her to hold one of the programs. “Tomorrow from 15.30 to 17.30 live “Vkontakte Live” you are waiting for the debut meeting with Elina Kamiren incredible, and she has her celebrity guests”, – was written in the official announcement.

      Guest stars visited the Creator of the flora-the Veronica project Panyushkin and singer Elena Knyazeva. The manner of communication Kamiren so charmed by the channel guide that she immediately received a tempting offer.

      “I am now a permanent host! It’s called “Vkontakte Live”. Two hours of live broadcast! I will communicate with guests in Studio and to broadcast” – shared the happy emotions with “StarHit” Elina.
      Элина Камирен получила работу на телевидении

      By the way, in November in the concert hall Crocus city Hall will host the fourth annual “Real prize MUSICBOX 2016”, in which Elina is also to participate directly. According to the organizers, it will be a grandiose show with participation of Russian pop stars. The best of the best in 2016, the year will be awarded the coveted award.

      By the way, the new work will be very useful for Elina. Because the girl complains that she is a single mother shared with Zagajnovym daughter. According to Kamiran, her ex-lover did not render the successor of any material support.

      Elina Kamiren sues Alexander Zadoinov

      “My patience came to an end,” admitted to “StarHit” Elina. – I don’t get Sasha the penny. Had endured it, because he knew that he had nowhere to take the money. But the first of October expiry of his probation period on the project and it becomes a full participant “House-2″. This means that Sasha will receive a salary – 150 thousand rubles. Alimony – 25% of this amount will be for me, is not superfluous.”