“Not my fault, he came!”

«Не виноватая я, он сам пришел!» Model and singer Alena Kravets suffered at the hands of ex-husband. Ex-husband, he saw in the house of a stranger man, hit her in the face. Celebrity did not tolerate such behavior and told them about the misconduct to the entire country.

    «Не виноватая я, он сам пришел!»

    With yellowing foliage to the citizens of the world come autumn depression. Good examples are the divorce of the wizards of Hollywood Brangelina, election appeals, naked Katy Perry and Madonna (the latter has emerged in support of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton), and recently seasonal exacerbation and covered the ex-husband of singer Alena Kravets Ruslana: 24 September, he kicked ex-wife between the eyes. His rage businessman explained what I saw in that mansion for $ 15 million left, by the way, my daughter and wife, which is six years after the divorce continues to maintain, a certain man in a Bathrobe, and obviously not working. Under the terms of the separation Alena had no right to bring on the 1000-meter indoor persons of the opposite sex, and that rocked, explained Ruslan.

    Alena Kravets told about the terrible life after her divorce from millionaire

    “It was just a photographer, drove me to the party!” – justified by the aggrieved party. How events will unfold and followed by a penalty (because the new code for family violence relies to 2 years in prison), we will see. And while we acquaint you with spicy pictures of the beautiful Alena Kravets, posted for all to see.