Singer Natalie warned family tragedy Victoria Raydos

Певицу Натали предупредила о семейной трагедии Виктория Райдос The singer predicted trouble with her son. The winner of the sixteenth season of the show “Battle of psychics” advised Natalie to keep her youngest son to the bike red. According to star, their family was not even of this thing, but what was her shock when some time later they were presented with such a model.

      Певицу Натали предупредила о семейной трагедии Виктория Райдос

      In one episode of the last season of the popular show “Battle of psychics” was attended by singer Natalie. According to star, she was always interesting to see how people with such abilities, so she has agreed to be the guest of the program.

      “Psychics blindfolded had to define who I am, what are you doing… I knew that participation in this show will be consequences, because I had to scan 16 people. But it turned out that I needed it. Thanks to the “Battle” I was able to make a lot of insights and discoveries,” – said Natalie.

      The greatest impression on the singer, who has two sons, Arseny and Anatoly made a prediction Victoria Raydos, which became the winner of the sixteenth season of “Battle of psychics”. Victoria Raydos about the victory in the “Battle of psychics”: “This was a major test in my life”

      “She told me that my second child has a red bike. And asked: in no case do not let the son to him, otherwise it may happen a great tragedy. I just smiled in response. No red bike we had. Moreover, to buy a Bicycle we were going, and even more red,” recalled the singer.
      Певицу Натали предупредила о семейной трагедии Виктория Райдос

      During the filming, which lasted half a day, all the participants took away mobile phones. Returning home after such a hard day, Natalie was very tired. Met her husband, who announced that they came to visit the dad of the singer and brought a gift. “My husband opened the pantry, where stood the child scooters, skates, and I’m in plain sight I saw the red bike. What happened to me at the moment, it is difficult to describe with words. I had a tantrum. I’m a very calm person in life, and then just a storm of emotions. The first thought that I had to take and 8-th floor it just to throw. As the Victoria might know about the bike?”, – surprised Natalie, talking to correspondents the Source.<url>.

      The star said that immediately decided to get rid of the gift. She took the bike and took it to the dump. According to her, she could not do otherwise, since it was her child’s life. After this incident, Natalie even more believe that there are people who can foresee the future.