Elina Kamiren afraid that Alexander Zadoinov kidnap her child

Элина Камирен боится, что Александр Задойнов похитит ее ребенка Eks-participants “Houses-2” in the row over General’s daughter. A young mother fears that her former common-law spouse decides to tickle her nerves and followed the advice of his friends. Elina Kamiren does not exclude that in the end she will have to apply to the court to set the order of the meeting the girls father.

      The return of Alexander Zadoinov from the Seychelles, where he spent the last 2.5 months, participating in the show “Dom-2. The island of love”, was marked by a scandal with his ex-wife Elina Kamiren. Once in Moscow, Zadoinov called former lover, to find out the news about their shared daughter, Sasha, which in December will be two years. But constructive dialogue with the young people has not turned out – the conversation of the couple ended in scandal.

      “I am quite cultural asked Sasha why he’s more than two months while I was on the island, not interested in the daughter, says “StarHit” Elina. – I talked to him very calmly, without shouting and complaints. I don’t hold it against him – during this time my daughter weaned from it, besides before to come to visit in late September, Sasha a month and a half hasn’t shown… I was a stupid teenage excuse – say, from the Seychelles to call too much. Is this the answer an adult? You two and a half months have not seen my daughter didn’t know how she hurts, if she has for a normal life? When I told him that I the financial difficult to pay the rent, the babysitter, buy food and clothes, Sasha threw one sentence: “Well, you’re smart. Will think of something!” And in a previous conversation he even stated that I guys will not get him”.

      Elina has shared his sore blog, where it is read by almost half a million people. The cry of the soul Elina found response in the hearts of its readers – the same as she, the mother, seeing no help from the fathers of their children, supported the girl. Alexander Zadoinov also not left behind and hastened to skazats. A day later on Instagram, he wrote a response post, which informed subscribers that, while in the Seychelles, he never forgot that it is father.

      “I always watched your daughter’s life! – informed fans Zadoinov. – I saw her new pictures in social networks.” But the excuses men made the most of his subscribers only the irony… meanwhile, there were also those who had supported Alexander. Friend the ex-member of telestroke Galina Lebedinskaya wrote in the comments that he shares his point of view and considers Elina a bad mother. Moreover, the woman is advised Zadoinov to remove a child from Kamiren if she won’t give it to the father of the baby.

      “I was very scared, – said Elina with “StarHit”. – Know, Sasha listens to the words of Galina – she is his old friend and secretly in love with him – gives him a gold chain, expensive watch… He could easily follow her advice. Besides, Zadoinov has several times threatened me that I’d have Alexander and return. Once it happened that he went for a walk with my daughter and I just spent 20 minutes could not get through to them – I went out of my mind! I am afraid that this happens again… Given that we are now fighting, that man is capable of anything. Of course, in Yaroslavl it will take, but nerves I can. We may need the court to solve a question about his meetings with his daughter. For me the main thing is not to hurt the psyche of my child from this Pope, who for months does not appear”.