Yulia Nachalova after divorce shows sexy

Юлия Началова после развода демонстрирует сексуальность The singer starred in the style vamp. Yulia Nachalova, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, took part in a daring photo shoot. During a set, the star of the modest woman turned into a daring thing.

      Famous singer Yulia Nachalova was published in the microblog photo, which was expected least. Subtle, restrained and very intelligent woman, “Instagram” which you rarely see images in swimsuit, suddenly decided to demonstrate that it can be bold and daring thing.

      Yulia Nachalova showed a few shots from the photo shoot, which took part after a breakup with her civil husband, hockey player Alexander Frolov. During the photoset Belle tried on the role of a seductive vamp. Julia posing in black kombidressy of the smooth fabric, her waist accents the wide waistband. Bright makeup and high leather boots complete the look. In the photo, the singer looks stunning, showing blatant sexuality.

      “When I get stung severely, I do not answer the same… I’m stronger! But the point to understand from this lesson, And you will leave in the memory of past days…”, – commented on his bold the lines from the poem by Julia Nachalova.

      It is possible that a part in such photo shoots the singer is trying to drown out the pain, hurt and disappointment that she experiences in those difficult days after parting with the civil husband. After all, psychologists often suggest to women after divorce to change something in yourself, to create a new image, of which they dreamed, but could not try it, being married.

      Recall that in mid-October, Yulia Nachalova she informed fans that she broke off her relationship with her civil husband, hockey player Alexander Frolov. With male star lived for four years. The couple was not officially married, so when they are not threatened separation property division.

      Fans of Nachalovo was surprised by this statement, because just recently she has told that they with Alexander all is well, and they even think about a common child. But as it turned out, the favorite male singer has not justified her hopes for happiness. Yulia Nachalova about breaking up with her husband: “I was hoping that Sasha will be able to change everything”

      The pair lived at a distance from each other. Frolov moved to Nizhny Novgorod, where he plays for the local hockey club. Nachalova remained in Moscow. Gradually the communion of the spouses is gone.

      “I had been expecting him to call, some reaction, a step forward, hoping that Sasha will be able to change everything. But I guess our feelings just faded. And I decided that I need closure and just move on,” admitted the singer in an interview with “StarHit”.