Elena Yakovleva told about the new addition to the family

Елена Яковлева рассказала о пополнении в семье The actress has shared plans for the New year. According to Yakovleva, the feast they gather outside the city. Near the close, the artist allows himself to behave in a more uninhibited and nothing to be ashamed of.

Elena Yakovleva began to sum up the year. According to the artist, 2017 was very successful, as it took part in many theatre and film projects. She hopes that she will have good luck in the coming year. In my personal life all has developed successfully: the son Yakovleva, Denis Crazy combined bonds of marriage with his beloved. Now they have families outside the city.

“The year has brought me a lot of good. The kids got married. I was in two blockbusters starred in “the Last hero”, which is already out, and in the “Goalkeeper of the Galaxy”, this movie will be released next year. Let’s wait and watch what happens. Even the sixth season of “Sklifa” we’re done. And Pushkin Theater I came up with the play “it’s a wonderful life”, and in the CBD — “the Old house” directed by Vladimir Pankov, who I love very much. The play in one breath is. Wonderful atmosphere, I don’t know how it happened. A little less than a month ago, I started a page on the social network. For me this is a big step. All this new life gives me great pleasure and enjoyment” – said Yakovlev.

As said the actress, on the eve of her will be surrounded by friends, family and dogs. Yakovlev is happy that this year she will be home on December 31, and not at work. “I surround myself with four of your dogs and I will shout your desire. In the house all relatives: husband, son and his wife coming, others not. And you can yell. Dogs I please and dress up. Ordered them sparkly collars, the night lights glow” – shared Elena with journalists.

This year they have a new pet. Colleague Roma Madyanov gave Yakovleva dog, whose name is Tier. Movie star admitted in an interview with “7 days”, I’ve really enjoyed this show.

“Yarik – a loving and noble creature. Know what saved him. On hind legs walk. Somehow it sometimes seems that he is also a man,” – said Yakovlev.