Neutral flag or boycott? Stars argue about the fate of athletes at the Olympics

Нейтральный флаг или бойкот? Звезды спорят о судьбе спортсменов на Олимпиаде Now the fate of our Olympians. On the eve it became known that Russian national team does not allow for one of the most important competitions. Celebrities continue to Express their opinion on the subject.

On December 5 it became known decision of the International Olympic Committee regarding the Russian team. The team of our country was suspended from competition, however, athletes will have the opportunity to fight for medals. However, they can only act under a neutral flag. The IOC suspended the national team of Russia from participation in the Olympics in 2018

After the news the Network sparked heated debate – whether athletes participate in the Olympic games in the Korean city of Pyeongchang. The celebrities were divided in opinion – some believe that our country needs to boycott the competition. However, there are those who are loyal to performance under a neutral flag, because the athletes have spent years training and many of them wanted to demonstrate their achievements and, perhaps, set new records. Our stars are indignant because of the suspension of the Russian team from the Olympic games

General producer of the TV sports channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki believes that the Russian athletes to appear in competitions to compete with participants from other countries.

“The situation is more than sad. Our sport has never received such a blow, as it is today. But you have to take a punch. Our athletes need the Olympics. Even under a neutral flag, but you have to go there to show that the Russian athletes has no equal. Whatever may be said pornopicture,” wrote TV presenter in the social network.

Singer Anita Tsoi believes that the athletes of our country need to take part in the Olympics in 2018. Moreover, she urged fans to come to South Korea to during the performance to support participants from our country and to hold a Russian flag.

“Today I am a Korean by nationality, a citizen of the Russian Federation, carried the flame of the Winter Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang, the land of their ancestors in the name of peace on earth and to support Russian athletes! As the official Ambassador of Russian “fans” of the winter Olympics, I urge the Russians in such a situation to support our athletes and will speak in difficult conditions, under heavy pressure, without their own anthem and flag. But it is not important the absence of our external symbols when the flag and the national anthem of Russia in our hearts!” – asked Choi.

Dmitry Guberniev also believes that our members need to participate in the upcoming Winter Olympics. “Rest only dreams us! The Olympics have to go! It!” – stated by the presenter on Instagram.

Olympic champion in figure skating Tatiana Navka not stay aside and expressed his opinion regarding the prohibition athletes to compete under the Russian flag. She believes that we should not boycott.

“Every athlete is itself a flag of our country. To get to the Olympics, not to mention to fight on her pedestal, you need to go a long hard way. Many athletes have already proven that they are the best on the planet, and give them the opportunity to win an Olympic medal, to what they were my whole life, tantamount to murder. I think every athlete has to decide himself whether to take part in the Olympic Games! Well, we fans will be cheering in the stands of our Russian athletes, with the flag of our country! And I hope none of us this opportunity will not be deprived!” stated famous skater.

Ksenia Sobchak criticized the representatives of the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation. She believes that it is not necessary to refuse participation in the competition, even if the participants will compete under a neutral flag.

“Our athletes are offered honestly, without doping to compete under a neutral flag. The Flag Of The Olympics. And then from the offices of mokenstef began howling: do not dare to bring home! It is an insult to Russia! We’re not going. Ladies and gentlemen Mutko and Alexander Zhukov. You do not go to Pyeongchang. And correctly. But do not dare to deny the Russians the right to a fair victory. On my Olympic gold,” – says TV presenter.

Artist Elena borscheva suggested a way of how to solve the issue: should athletes take part? “Guys, I’m really sorry for you, for us, for myself, because I really love watching the Olympics for our country, it’s not even a cold war… No words, only scratches on the jar. A lot of comments I write, I thought it is more logical to hold a referendum so the people decided whether to go to our athletes and, if you go, then how,” says the Joker.

However, the Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya finds that athletes need to act only under the flag of their country.

“International colleagues are guided by political trends in everything and in sports too. Olympics without Russia – it is an empty phrase. Our great country and the strongest athletes is very irritating to partners abroad. But here we show that Russia is strong and break you. And act we must only under the flag of their great country. Victory will be ours!” – the politician considers.

Figure skating coach Tatiana Tarasova was struck by the decision of the International Olympic Committee and could not hold back tears when I commented on this sad news.