Pelagia and Ivan Telegin curry favor with the child

Пелагея и Иван Телегин выслуживаются перед ребенком The singer told about the education of his beloved daughter who was born early in the year. According to Pelagia, little Taisiya is growing a very serious and even strict. The star couple is doing everything possible to keep the baby nothing needed.
Пелагея и Иван Телегин выслуживаются перед ребенком

In January Pelageya became a mother for the first time. The singer gave her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin, a charming daughter who was named Taisia. The couple loved the child and try to give him all the free time. In recognition of the artist, the girl grows very serious, so parents are a little scared of her.

Mentor of “the Voice” Pelageya: “this season will be calmer. I’m a mother!”

Pelageya recently told reporters about what success is doing to her daughter. According to the artist, Taisiya surprise loved ones because of its severity.

“She says “mom” and “dad”. She has eight teeth and cut another four. She is very serious woman. We all have such awe in front of her. We really want to serve and to do something to make it slightly lifted the corner of the lip,” – said the singer.
Пелагея и Иван Телегин выслуживаются перед ребенком

Wringing able to combine work and care about the baby. “You know, I still need to watch hockey through the day,” added the singer. The secret of success artist simple. “I never sleep” – explained the star.

According to the artist, in Russia hockey is not giving enough attention. Pelagia believes that the support of the General public will be able to positively influence the mood of the team.

“I think that Russian hockey players undervalued by the people. If there is more support, it is also, of course, they will be very helpful. And to believe, to believe in the team,” said the celebrity.
Пелагея и Иван Телегин выслуживаются перед ребенком

Earlier in the documentary of the First channel “Happiness loves silence”, the actress and her husband Ivan Telegin openly talked about the beginning of his novel and the family that they had created in June of 2016. Detractors accused pelage that she ruined the marriage of a famous hockey player. Pelageya herself doesn’t think so.

Пелагея и Иван Телегин выслуживаются перед ребенком“A good conscience, said to be the best pillow. So you see, dear friends, I have a clear conscience, and I sleep fine. And everything else that saying, don’t believe it. I wouldn’t be able to live in peace, if what you write was true, if I have someone taken away… It’s just another period in my life which made me stronger,” – said a celebrity.

Pelagia considers himself a lazy mother. In the spring the actress said that a lot of walking with Taisiya through the woods, but doing it through force. “I know that other mothers just put cradles with the children in the balcony, but I don’t have a balcony,” explained the star. Pelagia does not hide that loves her daughter. In a recent interview with Elle magazine, the celebrity admitted that Taisia considers his main success.