Elena Yakovleva tired of being lied to

Елена Яковлева устала от вранья People’s artist admitted that in the press about her and her family to tell the truth, fight the false facts of the biography she’s tired. Yakovleva is even credited with the films in which she starred.
Елена Яковлева устала от вранья

Elena Yakovleva liked by the audience in many roles in movies and TV series. However, people’s artist told the journalists that write about it wrong, distorting the facts of the biography. According to the actress, her first profession was not creative.

“There’s a lot of inaccuracies, starting from where I was born, and ending with the fact that he was doing. The only thing that somehow never wrong is the date of my birth. In addition to the interviews I gave, I was even credited with the films in which I starred. Sometimes I think: “Think of something interesting to at least me it was interesting to read”, said Elena.
Елена Яковлева устала от вранья

Yakovlev has worked as a librarian, cartographer, komplektatsia. “It’s just me, is simply impossible to imagine. This, apparently, is literally written with my creative meetings, and the rest”, – said the artist. The actress admitted that she’s prone to crises. “Even if you have a job, it seems that “somewhere” there are projects better, and you somehow haven’t noticed, not invited and stuff like that… a Crisis for the artist – a kind of engine” – shared Elena.

The actress said that was never afraid to play in the series. She was always lucky and all the film even after many years of demand from viewers.

“In 90-ies I started to play in one of the first Russian series “St. Petersburg mysteries” and, in my opinion, one of the best – “Kamenskaya”. And if we agree on the role in the television series, I dream it to be, if not better, as well. Another thing is that it does not always work, but I will continue, and nothing bad in it do not see,” – said Yakovlev.

Elena has told in interview to the edition “Arguments and facts”that agrees to do not all the TV shows that offer domestic Directors.

“Not enough time to play around,” said Yakovlev.