Yegor Druzhinin held a master class for the young dancer

Егор Дружинин провел мастер-класс для юного танцора
Famous choreographer helped the party to show “You are super. Dancing!”

Yegor Druzhinin

Photo: Press-service of NTV

The final
day of the contest the first round of “You’re super! Dancing” will be held today, 21
Oct. Many dancers are already preparing to play in the next stage, and those
who has not passed
this time, plan to participate in the second season of the project. After all
children’s talent show “You’re super! Dancing” has a special purpose: to give guys
left without parental care, the opportunity to Express themselves and
realize their creative potential. So, 8-year-old Vanya
Prokopovich, though not passed on, but the jury has promised to hold
for him personal master classes to next year boy
failed to re-participate and successfully pass the audition.

Wani Prokopovich from St. Petersburg charmed the audience and members
the jury and the presenter. But, unfortunately,
dance technique until the boy was missing. The first master class for
young dancer spent Yegor Druzhinin. Before class, Ivan is a very
worried because Druzhinina is considered the most demanding member of the jury.
However, during a rehearsal, the choreographer revealed to him as
a kind and wise mentor. For this rehearsal Yegor Druzhinin came with
gift — the book “the Little Prince” special for Vanya. It turned out that
the boy was reading a tale Exupery, the plot of which was delivered to him
a dance number. Yegor Druzhinin tried to fill
a set of movements with meaning and spoke about the importance of each of them. After
the master class Vanya learned that on stage, he didn’t just shake hands, and
showed how a plane goes down and lands on the Little Prince.

Ivan promised the choreographer that will not leave the dance and is sure to be a lot of training. And of course, Vanya promised
read the story and don’t rush to grow up.