Vladimir Vdovichenkov is subject to the wife

Владимир Вдовиченков подчиняется жене The actor is not against what issues are decided by his fiancee. Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Lyadova try to support each other in everything. The artist even decided to become an agent of the spouse to help in the development of his career.
Владимир Вдовиченков подчиняется жене

Famous actor Vladimir Vdovichenkov for the past two years living in marriage with his wife Elena Lyadova. Artist happy I met the perfect woman for him, which it understands and supports. He lets Elena in family matters.

“And why not? What is the ultimate purpose of our life? To live as long as possible and get high. And I think Lena knows the way to it. Why don’t I just relax and not have fun?” – says Vdovichenkov.

The actor does not deny that after meeting with Elena, he became calmer and softer. He understands that sometimes a spouse may not solve all the problems that arise in the family. “And if she doesn’t understand something, it is always with great pleasure put this responsibility on me,” admits the actor.

Also star of the TV series “Boomer” grateful for her dedication. Despite the fact that the m – in-demand actress, she agreed to help the chosen one in his career and became his agent. Vladimir believes that he was incredibly lucky when Liadov went to meet him. He tried to personally engage in their own management, but later realized is a matter under the force of professionals. The artist considered these skills, Elena. He admitted in an interview with “OK!” she has a special flair for good projects – it is literally to convince the wife to read certain scenarios.

“All-all the issues it solves, and it is, I think, the best agent on the planet. Lena knows all the undercurrents, she’s so easy on the ears and not sit. And of course, she is able to convince people. She is very strong, I have it in the role of helmsman. And if you need to hoist the sails or lower, I’m ready to climb the mast. But she says where’s the next port, and we go,” says Vdovichenkov.

The man admits that he has a busy schedule, but he and his wife try to find time to rest. The pair found the perfect place where you can spend time in peace and comfort, – Goa and Cyprus. Vdovichenkov told that here he could rest from the fans. Vladimir Vdovichenkov: “Two days lay formation. I thought I’d die”