Elena Yakovleva has disclosed details of the disease

Елена Яковлева раскрыла подробности болезни After the holidays, the actress had to undergo prolonged treatment. Elena Yakovleva needed the help of doctors. It was observed by the doctors for about a month. Now the health of the artist is not in danger.

Elena Yakovleva rarely shares details of his personal life. The star prefers to discuss new roles in movies and TV series. However, in a recent interview the actress told about how much not like to go to the doctors. And yet, recently the star had to make an exception and visit the hospital due to problems with the ear.

“Because of the lack of time I run to the doctors when it is already very tight. Now just had to treat the ear. The sea water, and the complication and rest up for work was not possible. As a result, the treatment more than a month took,” he told the star.

Recently, the actress played a major role in the new season of the series “Sklifosovsky”. She stated that she was able to learn the basics of the medical profession and realized once again how hard for professional medical.

Despite being very busy in film and theatre, Elena manages to spend time with the family. Yakovlev and her husband, Valery Crazy happily married for almost 30 years. The star shared the secret to a stable relationship. In her opinion, every couple has its own universal recipe for preserving love.

“In adults, when it passed, and love, and a period of adjustment, the relationship is based on respect, responsibility for the children and a lot of that. People become family to each other”, – said Yakovlev.

The main joy for the actress is her son Denis. Star did not mind an informal way of an heir. The guy covered most of his body tattooed. According to Elena, the young man continues to find himself. He is now engaged in bodybuilding and going to participate in the competition.

Yakovlev did not bother that his son decided not to pursue an acting dynasty. In an interview with “Interlocutor” she told me that she is proud of Denis and wishes him to hurry to find their own path in life.