The wife of Dmitry Malikov has responded to the criticism after the birth of her son

Жена Дмитрия Маликова ответила на критику после рождения сына Celebrities have become parents for the second time at the end of January. Son of the famous couple gave birth to a surrogate mother. Internet users hit with questions on happy parents and well-wishers have been leaving negative comments in microblogging Elena Malikova.

The news that Dmitry and Elena Malikova second time became parents, excited the public. Many congratulations to the famous couple with a happy event, others criticize and even condemn. Internet users resent the fact that the son Malikovich carried and gave birth to a surrogate mother, and confused by age of mother newborn. Critics believe that after 50 years too late to become a mother.

Dmitry Malikov has officially announced the birth of his son

Elena Malikova not shy about his late motherhood. She generally pays no attention to age. The wife of a famous singer is convinced that you can just be happy, no matter how old you are. She wrote about this on his page in Instagram, replying to all the haters, critics and detractors.

“I want to say thank you all for the kind words and congratulations, and even thanks for malicious comments – your poison sting, released in my address, train my soul! I would not want to engage in polemics with the world, but those who consider it necessary to comment on our personal lives needs to hear my point of view. Now! You can have different attitudes to life and to age: to get annoyed at the young, beautiful, rich, afraid of old age and tomorrow, with horror to think about death. But there is another way – just be happy every day, loving those who were near, take care of them, not to sit still, but to act, not to dwell, but to grow and finally, not to look at your passport – there is nothing new and interesting there. Yes, still have to forgive the offenders, in my opinion, Instagram sent to us for forgiveness. And the last one! Thanks to the birth of our son, one love on this earth became more! I wish you happiness!”- wrote Elena Malikova.

Elena and Dmitry Malikova have been together for 25 years. He saw her photo in the album with friends. By the time she was married, she grew up the daughter of Olga. But after a few months after meeting Dmitry and Elena began to live together. And when they have a daughter Stephanie in 2000, Malikova register their relationship and officially became husband and wife. Dmitry and Elena are one of the strongest couples of the Russian show-business, they are always together, always close, always support each other in all endeavors and publicly confess their love.