Came to light new facts mysterious death of Russian Hollywood star

Вскрылись новые факты загадочной смерти русской голливудской звезды
Husband of Natalie wood officially recognized as a suspect.

Natalie wood and Robert Wagner

Natalie wood, one of the brightest Hollywood stars of the 60s and 70s, died in
mysterious circumstances is already more than 35 years ago. However, the mystery of the death of an actress of Russian origin still continues to excite many fans of her talent.
The fact that the investigation, which began in 1981, and failed
to any results. And now this old case has a new
evidence that may help finally bring to justice the perpetrator
the death of Natalie.

Natalie was killed while walking on
the yacht, which was celebrated in the company of her husband, Robert Wagner and his friend,
actor Christopher Walken. Because to prove the fact of a violent death then
failed, officially, her death was ruled accidental, claiming that she’s in the middle
night came on deck, fell overboard and drowned. However, in this case from the
the beginning had a lot of questions that could not find an answer. To
example, why Robert Wagner he began the search and requested assistance to
police only a few hours after his wife disappeared? Where on her body,
was found the following morning showed traces of a struggle?

And later in the case there is still the testimony of the captain of the yacht Dennis davern,
he decided to give the police only in 2011, when terminated at the time
the investigation was reopened. Davern long silence, but in the end, it,
as he claims, forced to say scruples. The captain said that Wagner not only he did not
was looking for his drowned wife, but forbade him to turn on the searchlight and
to take any active effort to search for Natalie. Worse, the sailor
showed that shortly before the incident he heard Wagner arguing with his wife. Davern
told that Wagner’s wife was jealous of the Walken and made a wild scene of jealousy.
Then Christopher went to his cabin, Wagner left to sort things out with Natalie. Then, as it seemed to the captain, he heard the sound,
indicating that the row is moved to a physical brawl. However
confirm the words of the captain there was no one.

So the other day Lieutenant John Karina investigating the case said that recently was
found two witnesses confirmed the story of the captain of the ship. Their names have
not called. However, as reported by the police, now Robert Wagner officially
considered a suspect in his wife’s death.