Maria Shukshina told about reconciliation with the father of the twins

Мария Шукшина рассказала о примирении с отцом близнецов
The former civil husband asked the actress for forgiveness.

Мария Шукшина рассказала о примирении с отцом близнецов

Maria Shukshina with children Thomas and Fok and Sergey Nikonenko

Photo: @Instagram shukshina_maria Maria Shukshina

Maria Shukshina has experienced a very difficult period in the relationship with father of twins Thomas and FokI — Boris Vishnyakov. A few years ago between civil spouses there was a scandal that resulted in years of confrontation. The star couple exchanged through the press accusations. The true reason of their quarrel is unlikely to be ever known to the public. When the twins turned three, she tried to isolate the children from the father. Boris said in an interview that Mary used Thomas and focus for PR. Started the “carve-up children” with all the consequences, and then in their history had more cash and conflict…

Only recently in the relationship of Mary and Boris came the “thaw”. The actress recently said that Vishnyakov personally apologized to her for his behavior. The words Shukshina, she forgave her husband, and for a long time. “A month ago, he finally plucked up the courage and asked my pardon, calling it “a mistake” everything worked. I forgave a long time ago…” — said Maria in social networks.

SCANDAL: son of Maria Shukshina accused of beating pregnant girl

By the way, not so long ago Maria was in the center of the scandal connected with her eldest son, Makar. It is still unknown what ended the story with the charges of his alleged lover. The girl claimed that the actress’s son beat her. Apparently, it was on the basis of this scandal Boris and Maria resumed their conversation. It is known that when the story of Makar received wide publicity, Vishnyakov contacted Shukshina to support her during this challenging period.