Elena Volatile chose wedding dress

Елена Летучая выбрала свадебное платье
The TV presenter decided on the designer of his main outfit.

Elena Volatile

Photo: Instagram

Elena Bat with might and main prepares for the most happy event in my life — the wedding. As you know, a proposal of marriage 37-year-old TV presenter got earlier this year right on Valentine’s day beloved stars dropped to one knee, took out from his inside pocket a ring and asked will she marry him. Elena, of course, said the coveted “Yes!” And now all my free time Flying engrossed in the wedding preparations.

“I’ve never been married, says Volatile. — And now I am a happy bride!”

And one of the most important things for any bride is to choose a wedding dress. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blue pantsuit, or a luxurious ball gown with rhinestones. Any woman in this day wants to look the most beautiful. And since Flying is going to get married and chooses only the best, she decided to choose an outfit from the famous designer in the world of Bridal fashion — Vera Wang. In her dresses for their wedding ceremonies Shine Sharon stone, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Ivanka trump and many others. The cost of wedding dresses from famous designers starts from 300 thousand rubles. And it’s the easiest! But if the bride wants her outfit was sewn under the direct supervision of the Faith, then the price will increase to the cost of a one-room apartment in Moscow… What kind of dress chose Elena, of course she keeps secret. Including from my fiance. TV presenter though not superstitious, but the tradition is observed. And it is believed that for a long and happy life together the groom must see the future wife in a wedding dress only for the wedding. By the way, earlier it was rumored that Flying will be married in a dress like Kate Middleton.

Elena and her partner Yuri Anashenkov, plan to marry later this summer. They have already chosen a few places that fit their wedding, but just haven’t decided yet. Most importantly, what is the future spouses agree, they don’t want unnecessary fuss made about their marriage, so most likely that she married, Elena will inform their fans after the wedding.

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