Victor Drobysh had two surgeries on his leg

Виктор Дробыш перенес две операции на ноге
Producer prepares for “Eurovision 2016” in extreme conditions.

Victor Drobysh

Photo: “7 Days”

The award-winning producer Victor Drobysh —
serious health problems. As it became known he had two surgeries on his leg:
the intervention of surgeons needed after the Victor severely injured ligaments. Some days Drobysh forced
walking with special walking sticks, which gives him a lot
trouble ahead of the main song contest, “Eurovision 2016”, where
he prepares as producer of the Belarusian performer Alexander Ivanov (IVAN —
Iwan). As reported Drobysh, it is in relation to Russia he sees in their plans
“nothing unnatural”.

“I am Belarusian. I think that God himself ordered us to take
the participation of Belarus. One day, my artist was on the contest from Belarus,
Dmitry Koldun. This is not a stranger to our country… If someone wants
to divide Russia and Belarus, we are the enemy of not only my, but also in Russia. The
a strong Bastion, which has left Belarus. We are one country,” he shared
your thoughts Victor.

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