Timothy has performed at the wedding of Igor Nikolaev

Тимати выступил на свадьбе Игоря Николаева

Already on July 22, Timati will give the biggest concert in their musical career in SC “Olympic”.In anticipation of this Grand event Timothy on April 27 released the album “the Olympus” which will be the fifth.

The work of “Magician” is a logical continuation of the theme of the song “Eggplant”, which Timothy did to “Record the band” last fall.

Now in the development of history is a Magician – in the video of the wedding conman, modern Ostap Bender, who under the guise of an experienced event planner do for the customer, who is represented by Igor Nikolaev, a Grand wedding that will be remembered by all involved for a long time. What came out of it, the viewer will see in a seven-minute clip, the Magician manages to save on everything, but modest wedding ordinary people will be loud and the representatives of the Caucasus and the Gypsies, and all those who bring the Mage as guests on the bus “Derbent – Moscow”, and the fireworks, and the crazy dancing.

“What Igor Nikolaev, people’s artist of Russia, took part in the filming of the video, very cool. Part of such a great actor in comedic roles shows that the person is prepared to experiment, said Pavel Kuryanov (Pasha), producer, founder and co-founder of the music label Black Star inc. — The presence of humorous parts in hip-hop history – it’s funny and fun, great when an artist can immerse himself in different images, fooling around and joking.”

Starring: Igor Nikolaev, Julia Mazur, Alexander Revva, Yusup Omarov and other members of the KVN team “Highlanders from the Mind”. Himself Timothy stands in the way of repentance, which he uses for several of the clips. The clip was directed by Pavel Hudyakov. It is funny, fresh, unusual.

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