Elena Vaenga has been criticized for joke about Pushkin

Елена Ваенга подверглась критике за шутку о Пушкине

Famous Russian singer Elena Vaenga got from her followers on social network Instagram, and all because of a joke-naniki about Alexander Pushkin, which she inadvertently published on his page on the 218 day of his birth.

“In this day in 1799-born Alexander Pushkin. As befits a Negro, never worked and wrote the rap. Was killed in a shootout. Friend sent😂😂😂😂😂. #novoozernoe”- signed bearded humor singer.
She did not otsmeyavshis in her garden showered with stones for “disrespect for the symbol of Russia”.
“Pushkin– all is sacred. As it is not comme Il faut. well, it’s a private matter, now over many things that we hold dear, stebutsya” wrote Vaenga subscribers. Despite the criticism, Elena no the message is not cleaned, I tried to apologize to the subscribers for their hurt feelings.