Vladimir Levkin suffered a recurrence of the cancer

Владимир Лёвкин перенёс рецидив рака

One of the former soloists of the popular group “on-On” Vladimir Levkin celebrated its 50th anniversary on 6 June. The celebrity spoke to reporters. In a candid interview with Levkin told how he witnessed a fatal disease and even its recurrence.

Now Vladimir remembers it as long past. The disease he was diagnosed with at the age of 36 years. The singer just left the band and decided to go solo sailing. The terrible diagnosis — cancer of the lymphatic system in the fourth stage – for a long time deferred his plans and dreams of a solo career.
Vladimir admits that anybody from relatives did not dare to speak about their disease. He worked honestly for his concert and went in the cancer center. Didn’t know about it no friends, no mother of the artist, he simply didn’t want to bother them. Only later the woman learned the shocking truth.
After some time Levkin left my wife, Oxana, did not survive the difficulties of the treatment of her husband. The money ran out quickly, and ahead there were still several courses of chemotherapy. Raising funds for the treatment involved friends and fans, they were looking for any help, every penny given to Vladimir. For a year and a half that Levkin was in the hospital, he underwent nine chemotherapy treatments and the cancer has receded.
Levkin grateful to the friends and fans that pulled it out of their hands of death.
“I remember a letter with children scribbles: “Vladimir, get well!” and in the envelope invested ten rubles. This is worth a lot!” — says the singer.
The disease seemed to have retreated forever. Vladimir met the love of his life Marina Ichetovkina, my present wife, began to get back on stage. But soon after the wedding, when Mary was expecting a child, the cancer returned.
“Relapse is a common phenomenon in such cases. I took the news calmly. No reason to give up, especially since we had to be born daughter,” — said the performer.
Next was a bone marrow transplant and yearly therapy. Mary all this time was near, and caring for the child, and for her husband. Now Vladimir regularly checks their health, watching him, while simultaneously raising a child and studying music.