60-year-old Andrey Urgant wants a baby

60-летний Андрей Ургант хочет ребенка

With age, men grow wiser and settle down, especially when you find your love. That’s exactly what happened with the 60-year-old actor Andrey Urgant. Recently Urgant told the press that his sweetheart Elena Romanova, who is younger than his 30 years, thinking about the birth of a child.

The actor is planning to blizhaishee time to seriously work on this issue. He denies the possibility of recourse to a surrogate mother and other “innovations” in this area. According to Urgant, everything will happen the old Cossack way.
Andrey Urgant also joked over the fact that his young wife is constantly busy and she doesn’t have time to “plunge into the maelstrom”. However, the actor hopes that Elena will be aimed at the birth of the baby. If this happens, then the popular presenter Ivan Urgant appears brother or sister.
But while it only plans. Now Andrei Urgant equip your country house to get cozy nest. He hinted that he would like to live outside the city with his young wife and future child, even in the winter.
Planning a country house the couple are engaged together. Urgant said that in his house is sure to be a room with a fireplace to sit for him in the long evenings. Elena Romanova chooses the furniture and cabinets and chairs to your liking. Lovers and don’t forget about your dog. For her provided a separate place.
Of course, in this luxurious house to sound of children’s laughter.
We will remind, Andrey Urgant and Elena Romanova met on the set of the program “Big wash” 3 years ago. In the air the girl played the virgin Pushkin. Between Urgant and Romanova struck up a conversation, which marked the beginning of feelings.
After the program they began more often to see Elena come to sektagli Andrew. The affair began after Urgant came to a lecture at the University, where at that time studied the girl. Some time later, Elena has moved into the apartment of the actor.
Andrei Urgant is very kind to his young beloved. He loves spoiling her with expensive gifts. For example, a 24-anniversary of the Romanov got an expensive car.
Nedavno, the network appeared the information that Andrey Urgant and Elena Romanova had a falling out and even started to live separately. But the rumours were denied himself happy in love. He said that their relationship with Elena is getting stronger every day.