Elena Temnikova has caused controversy with outspoken the rest

Елена Темникова вызвала споры откровенным снимком с отдыха The singer placed in the microblog photo, which became the subject of heated debate. The star shared a picture, which demonstrates the juicy parts of the body, covered with translucent shirt. Fans Temnikova noted that it is in excellent physical shape and can afford such bold images.

      Elena Temnikova went to relax on the Maldives together with her husband Dmitry Sergeev. The couple have fun, a lot of walking, sunbathing and enjoying every moment of your stay in hot country. For the singer of this trip was really long-awaited. She admitted that for nearly a year did not go on vacation and all my days devoted to work. Now a celebrity avails itself of this opportunity, delighting fans of the bright shots from vacation.

      Elena Temnikova, Tree and other lit on the Big Love Show

      One of the last pictures of Elena appeared in a rather candid way. The singer is wearing a translucent shirt, turning it into a ball in the chest area. Thus the woman bared flat stomach, which caused excitement among the Network users. They also drew attention to the more savory parts of the body of the former soloist Serebro. Most subscribers Temnikova think that she had nothing to be ashamed of, and she can safely brag about the merits of your own shapes.

      According to fans of the singer, despite the fact that she gave birth to a daughter Alexander a little less than two years ago, a woman quickly came into shape and continues to support it even on vacation. Some members are convinced that Elena spends a lot of time in the gym, so she manage to look so good. Commentators came to the conclusion that celebrity has chosen the perfect outfit for an evening stroll around the island. They do not see anything reprehensible that the most outstanding part of the body of the actress barely covered cotton camisole.

      “This photo came out interesting. Like anything special, but just praestat impossible. The style is cool, the pose is an unconstrained, natural, and a little bit of sex”, “Very beautiful figure! Take care of your natural and stay always unique! Those jeans are the bomb!”, “You’re so wonderful. Hot photo, you’re a real fire. Admire,” wrote the followers on the microblog stars.

      During the discussion, spicy picture stars members tried to find out whether the artist decided to completely change your style or she’s just trying to find something different. Follieri noticed that lately Temnikova trying to choose for the publication and performances of the clothes in the grunge style or casual style, however, she quite easily ready to change it to classic floor-length dress with pumps. Some subscribers are of the opinion that Elena wants to feel comfortable in the same condition in which it is located. Therefore, the artist does not seek to wear bulky costumes.

      “I don’t like comments of this kind “what style?”, “you’re a girl!”, “where’s the dress”. God, your style is magnificent, Helen, and you risk. Such photo direct bread for the moralistka. Cool”, “I like your style. You’re not like everyone else. Like the other Canary. Go almost naked. Your pants and the bike is very cool. Love your songs. Usually I rarely like all songs of one artist. But you – all!” – shared the opinion of the members of Elena.