Marilyn Kerro decided to change the profession of a psychic

Мэрилин Керро решила сменить профессию экстрасенса The famous clairvoyant, is preparing to open shop funeral accessories and attributes. The girl had long wanted to do my own thing. And only now, the star of “the battle of psychics” found the time.

      are unable to win the 17th season of “the Battle of psychics”, although at the time she came to the project for the third time. Once again a celebrity came in second place and seemed really desperate. However, this has not stopped her to implement the plans. Very soon fans of the clairvoyant will be able to purchase in her shop things for doing stuff.

      Alexander Sheps saved on the gift for Marilyn Kerro

      On his page in Instagram the girl shared the happy news: she is ready to submit its mystical boutique. Photo from shop the star has published in his account. And to do all administrative matters, sale of products will be by the owner of the business. Many followers were pleasantly surprised by this unexpected news.

      As it turned out, everyone will be able to come to Kerro and to meet her in person. She says that visitors will love her shop. The star tried to arrange it so completely immersed in the mysterious atmosphere. One of the walls of the boutique attached to green leaves and the other with amulets, totems and decorative products. The girl freaked out before and wants it to go perfectly.

      In the video, which managed to capture one of the operators of the TV channel TNT shows that Marilyn has invested in the business all the power and no expense was spared for this. Many followers were surprised by the stuffed birds and animals, arranged in various corners of the boutique. According to some, it looks a bit ugly, although the majority of subscribers Kerro admitted that she beat the space of the store and properly picked up the required attributes. Marilyn States that are exhibited on the racks ravens protect the area from evil tongues and fill it with positive energy.

      “Well Done, Mary! Keep it up, want to quickly get to you”, “It’s so cool to have your own business. Not everyone is willing to take, and you big umnichka”, “I Wonder if there is something unusual, than can use in the lives of ordinary people?” “I’m ready to buy everything you have. I love you and all what you do” – expressed the opinion of the users of the Network.

      Note that many commentators were interested in how accessible will the goods. While Marilyn did not affect this aspect of the question. She refused to say who is more focused shop. However, the followers of the Estonian witches and without details want to visit the new mystical boutique.