Daria Pynzar: “I Have a girl!”

Дарья Пынзарь: «У меня будет девочка!» Ex-participants of the project “House-2” soon I plan to become parents for the third time. Couple wants in their family have an heir. Celebrities have long been dreaming about the new addition. Probably in 2018 family Pynzar will be able to implement his plan. Their intentions wife told the “StarHit”.

      Дарья Пынзарь: «У меня будет девочка!»

      Sergey and Daria Pynzar engaged in the education of two boys – five and eight-Artemiy David. For many fans of the famous couple, their relationship seems perfect. Former members of “House-2” try to be a model family and their example proves how we need to love and appreciate the people closest around. Despite the fact that Daria gave birth to her second child less than a year ago, she is already making plans for a future pregnancy.

      Sergey and Daria Pynzar move into a posh house

      In a conversation with “StarHit” the woman admitted that he and Sergey have been dreaming about the girl. Probably Daria would be easier to cope with family troubles, if beside her was a young assistant. The parents of two boys are determined, moreover, that in the autumn of last year, the family moved to a house in the suburbs. So celebrities have in advance may think about the nursery for a successor.

      “I always wanted boys, – tells Dasha “StarHit”. – When I got pregnant Subject and didn’t know that it’s a boy, already imagined how Serge is going to play soccer with him… With the second child, history repeated itself – my husband and I again wanted a son. When the ultrasound said that I will again be the boy, very happy”
      Дарья Пынзарь: «У меня будет девочка!»

      Daria has long been accustomed to the idea that she is the only representative slabogo the floor. According to the women, she was already used to being in such a status, but now her views have changed greatly. Interestingly, the girl’s birth family Pynzar inspired a leading TV project “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina.

      Daria Pynzar baptized son. PHOTO

      “Well, not I imagined that our family will be another girl, because I’m so used to being the only one! But now my husband and I have seen how our friends babysit the girls, and realized, too, want a girl. Take, for example, Ksenia Borodin – how much tenderness in her communication with Mary and Thea – without emotion will not look!” – shared with “StarHit” Pynzar.

      Dream about daughter forced Dasha to contact the perinatal medical centre “Mother and child” in Sevastopolsky prospect, in which she gave birth to David. “Now we Serezha will have to pass a genetic test, based on which doctors will work out for us a special meal, or prescribe medicines for a reception”, – confessed the Dasha, who is currently shooting the sequel of the reality show “Pregnant” on TV channel “Dомашний”.